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  Here is a chart to show how rabbit meat compares to other animals meat. The benefits of rabbit meat is clear and the meat tastes great. Pet rabbits are enjoyable to raise and the health benefits are obvious.

Source: USDA  Department of Agriculture
  Meat Type Protein % % of Fat Calories  
Rabbit 20.8 10.2 795
Chicken 20.0 11.0 810
Veal  ( med fat ) 18.8 14.0 910
Turkey 20.1 22.2 1190
Lamb  ( med fat ) 15.7 27.7 1420
Beef 16.3 28.0 1440
Pork  ( med fat ) 11.9 45.0 2050

Rabbits can be a great source of low fat and high protein meat. Cook them just like you would chicken and enjoy one of the most healthy foods you can get. I feel they have less flavor than chicken and it is best to use plenty of spice when cooking rabbit meat. Rabbit meat is easy to digest which make rabbit meat better than the rest.

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