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Pet Rabbit Information
Bunny and Baby
Pet and Meat Rabbit Basics

This will cover all the aspects of raising a Pet Rabbit.
Yes we do advocate having dual purpose pet and meat rabbits.


Table of Contents
1.0 - Introduction
2.0 - House Rabbit Society, How can I join?
3.0 - Does My Bunny Farm have a mail list?
4.0 - Where can I find a good Book about Rabbits?
5.0 - Rabbit make good house pets?
6.0 - Spaying and Neutering
7.0 - Is surgery safe on rabbits?
8.0 - What about Chewing and Digging?
9.0 - Does Disciplining Rabbits ever work?
10.0 - Does my Rabbit need to live in a Cage?
11.0 - How to play with your rabbit.
12.0 - How can I potty train my pet rabbit?
13.0 - What do rabbits Eat?
14.0 - Litter Pan
15.0 - Wire Floor and Litter Pan
16.0 - Should I get two Rabbits?
17.0 - Is it ok if my rabbit cages stay outside.
18.0 - Pet rabbits together in one play yard?
19.0 - Rabbits and Children
20.0 - How much do Rabbits cost?
21.0 - Milk Formulas for Orphaned Bunnies.


1.0 Introduction

 Howdy Friends,  Here you will find common answers to common questions about pet rabbits and meat rabbits.
We will cover a broad range of topics and this is intended to give you a better understanding about rabbits.
So kick back and enjoy some reading about pet rabbits.

All rabbits should be treated with respect. Care should be taken to insure good health and quality of life.
Rabbits kept in wire cages are in many ways better off than rabbits let free to roam in a house environment.
Imagine all the bad things a house rabbit will eat. And imagine all the dangers a rabbit will face sharing a home with a family.

What a ridiculous idea to have rabbits living in a house with people.
Like birds, fish, snakes, and the like, it is better for your pet to have a home of their own,
and just be let out when it is time to play.  The rabbit is safer and so is the inside of your house.  You can however keep the cage inside if you wish or on the back porch, this gives your pet rabbit access to the family much of the time.  Having a safe area to run in when let out is also a good idea.

Rabbits don't make good house companions.
If you want a good house companion, get a dog or cat or a some other animal that will truly work out.

2.0 - How can I join the House Rabbit Society?

What the heck for?  These guys will do nothing to make life better for rabbits.
Rabbits should be kept in a cage and given proper care.
Knowing what your pet rabbit is eating all of the time is the surest way of controlling their health.

But if I want to find out more about the House Rabbit Society, where is their web site?
The House Rabbit Society Web site is located at:

3.0 - Does My Bunny Farm have a mail list?
No, but you may send us questions and comments at,
We will always try to answer everyone as quickly as possible.

4.0 - Where can I find a good book about rabbits?

 Hey they are everywhere.  Look at your local feed store or go to,  Bass has the best of everything for rabbits.

5.0 -  Are Rabbits good house pets?

Lets say that you want your rabbit to be in your home, in a cage, and taken out from time to time.

Yes this is a fine idea.

You must keep your attention on your rabbit at all times while out of the cage.
Having special time to spend with your pet rabbit will be a good thing. Just be sure to put your rabbit back into their cage so your rabbit will not be eating the wrong things.
( yes rabbits will chew on everything they see ).  Rabbits should come with a warning sign.

IF I See It, I Will Eat It. 

 Rabbits will never learn to not chew on things. So you must watch your rabbit at all times.

Yes it is good to let your rabbit out to play. No you can't give them free run.
Build or fix a safe place so you and your rabbit can enjoy some time together every day.

6.0 - Spaying and Neutering

Yes this makes them better pets.
Yes it is much healthier for rabbits to be spayed or neutered.
Females need it to prevent uterine cancer. And to make them a much more pleasant pet rabbit.

Male rabbits will be much less likely to spray when neutered. Also they will be less hormonal and makes them better pets.

7.0 - Is surgery safe on rabbits?

Yes it is possible to do surgery safely on any animal.
Personally, I just don't think this is a good idea. I've had 1,000s of rabbits still never had any Vet bills.
Except for doing the spaying and neutering, I advise against any other surgeries.

At what age can rabbits be spayed or neutered?

For Females it is best at 6 months of age.
For Males it is best at 5 months of age.

When is it too late to spay and neuter?
If a rabbit is over 1 year old then you have already missed the prime time to help your pet rabbit out with this procedure.

 How much does it cost to spay and neuter?

Between $50 and $150 depending if it is a spay and neuter clinic, or a veterinarian.

Most veterinarians charge somewhere between $55 and $150. Most spay and
neuter clinics charge between $25 and $50 dollars.

8.0 - What about Chewing and Digging?

Yes rabbits do both. Find or build an area where you and your pet rabbit can enjoy  time together.
Fence a small place out side, or perhaps make a place inside for your rabbit to play.

Your pet rabbit will chew less as they get older, but don't expect them to ever completely stop chewing and digging.
If you have suggestions on how to build an environment suitable for letting rabbits run,, please send them here and I will be glad to post them.

Comments and Suggestions for Pet Rabbits

 Will my pet rabbit ever stop chewing?  No

It will be fine for you to spend as much time each day with your pet as you like.
Just be sure to have surroundings for your rabbit that will make it easy for you and your rabbit to enjoy your time together. Watching your pet run and play in an enclosed area will give you hours of enjoyment. 

9.0 - Does Disciplining Rabbits ever work?

Not in a way that is helpful.
Rabbits communicate in a different way.

10.0 - Does my Rabbit need to live in a Cage?

 Yes.  Provide as large of cage as you can.

11.0 - How to play with your rabbit.

The main thing is to let them come to you.
Also let them come out of their cage on their own.
Rabbits don't normally like to get picked up.

So try to find a way to let them come out and enjoy the play area without picking them up.

Putting different items in the area to play with is helpful. They will try to climb and play on and around everything you supply for them.  Do be aware that they will also chew on things in their area.  Wood is not always a good thing for them to chew on.  Toys of harder rubber and soft toys are fun. 

12.0 - How can I potty train my pet rabbit?

Good luck.

 Under the rabbits wire cage is a litter pan.  And when you let your pet rabbit out, it should be in a place where you don't have to worry about this.

Yes it is possible to potty train rabbits. But for what,? I think you are better off not worrying about this and enjoying the rabbit for what it is ( a cute and loveable pet }.  Rabbits are neat to watch and have around. They just don't make good house guests.  Think cage and play yard pets.

13.0 - What do rabbits Eat?

I think they should come with a warning label,
 ( I will eat everything I see except what is good for me ).

What you really should be feeding your rabbit is rabbit food.
I use the best, Purina 18% minimum fiber protein rabbit food. The instructions are on the bag and are good to follow. Don't make your rabbit fat.
A grass hay is also good. Not alfalfa, just hay.

What else should I feed my pet rabbit?

Yes you may give them banana, apple, carrot, pears and many other things. Dark leafy vegetables are good for your pet rabbit. But these are all goodies, and should be treated as such. Just a teaspoon or two per day. Larger amounts of any of these will not be good for their diet.
Don't make your rabbit sick.  Only give a proper amount of rabbit food and some dry grass hay, and a small amount of goodies.

14.0 - Litter Pan

If indoors, Under your cage there is a litter pan. How to maintain your litter pan.

Best to find a good dry wood chip that is good for your garden.

Not cedar or pine wood. Too much smell. May harm your rabbit.

Then each time you clean it out you will dump into a pile for use in your garden.
White vinegar works great for removing any odors in the litter pan.
Rabbit dropping are fantastic for your garden.

Warning - Rabbit urine stinks, and will harm you and your rabbit. Either clean the litter pan every day, or You will need to have a constant flow of air.
Think good air flow.

15.0 - Will it be OK to have my pet rabbit live in a cage with a wire floor and a litter pan under it?
 The wire can be hard on their feet. Yes some rabbits may have tender feet.

So Yes it is fine to have them live on wire floors. Be sure the wire is the proper size for your pet rabbit.
 And only if they are Rex or other short fur rabbits will you need to give them something to stand on.  has platforms for your rabbit to stand on.

Also if you put in a handful of hay each day, they will also enjoy standing on it.
Be sure to take out any old leftover hay from the day before.
Hay is great for rabbits.

16.0 - Should I get two rabbits and two cages so they can keep each other company?


This is best, even if you are near by and check on them often. All animals like to have others around.

17.0 - Is it ok if my rabbit cages stay outside.

Just be sure that other predator animals cannot get within reach of your pet rabbits.

An outbuilding with lots of air flow is perfect.
Or you can do it the expensive way and build something special for them.

18.0 - What about having several pet rabbits together in one play yard?

Yes you can have rabbits together.  Often times they will fight a little, this is normal at first, but should be discouraged right away.
Boys and girls together usually work fine.
Girl and girl often times fight a little.
Boy and boy will normally fight a little at first.

They will all try to breed, if you do not want a lot of babies, you should have your pets spayed first.

Usually they will work it out and all can play together.
If they are not fighting, then they will become friends after a few days.

Don't let your rabbits fight. When you see one acting aggressive you should spray him with a water bottle before the fight begins.
This is by far the best disciplinary method.

19.0 - How long will my Pet Rabbit live?

5 to 10 years is normal.

20.0 - How much do Rabbits cost?

From $5.00 and up.
$20.00 to $50.00 is normal for most rabbits. This price should let you choose from any you can find.
The cost of cages and other things you need should be less than $100.00 per rabbit. Once set up they will pay for them selves with meat, fur, and sellable offspring.
The major cost is the building you put them in. I spent $6,000.00 on my building, but it is kind of cool.

21.0 - Milk Formulas for Orphaned Bunnies.

1 egg yolk
8 oz (240 cc) canned evaporated milk
8 oz (240 cc) bottled water
1 teaspoon (5 cc) honey
1 teaspoon (5 cc) pedantic vitamin/mineral supplement
1 can Esbilac (Borden)
1 raw egg (white and yolk)
1 tablespoon (15 cc) Neocalglucon (Sandoz Pharmaceuticals) or similar liquid calcium supplement.

22.0 - Conclusion on Pet Rabbit Information.
Pet and Meat Rabbit Basics.

Pet rabbits are great.  Nice to look at, and nice to touch. The furs a nice.  And the meat is perfect also.
A good doe will give you 200 lbs of meat in just one year.
Last but not least,  the byproducts make for one great garden.

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