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Pet Rabbits with Homes and Home Pages

Here are all the Pet Rabbits that have internet web sites. Read about what other rabbit owner have to say and enjoy their pictures. The world is full of Pet Rabbits so have some fun and check them all out. Some of the countries we have found with Pet Rabbit sites include: Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Israel.

Pet Rabbit Breeder in Vincennes, IN.
We don't ship our rabbits.
If you want us to hold one for you we will need a deposit.
If you want more information, visit our rabbit web site, or just E-mail me at

Aurora Rex Rabbit Ranch

My name is Karen Patry. I love my rabbits , my site offers loads of tips and knowledge about raising rabbits. My site is also about pet rabbits. - Raising rabbits made easier with clear how-to's and pictures.

In addition to this page of homepages, there is also a memorial page with links to those rabbits who sadly, have passed on. If your house rabbit has a home page and you'd like it added to our list of links, send us some mail.

Hello everybody, Rick K. here, I have Creme d'Argents, Satins, Havanas and American Chin rabbits, so if you can put me under those breeds, much appreciated....thank you...
Rick's Rabbits:South of Albany, NY. 

Rick's Rabbits Satins, Creme d' Argent, Amer.Chins at

Bouncing Bunnies
Asociacion Nacional de Amigos del Conejo), the National Rabbit Friends Association, from Spain.
It began late one afternoon in the spring of 1979. The President was sitting with a few of us on the Truman Balcony. He had recently returned from a visit to Plains, and we were talking about homefolks and how the quail were nesting and similar matters of international import.
Bean, Cinnamon, and Pebble
Cross-bred rabbits are usually hardy and every bit as lovable as pure-bred although not quite as easy to find a home for should the need arise.
You will now find two separate photo randomizers below. If you are a frequent visitor to the site, you can see the newest additions, in the "New MCRS Bunny Photos" randomizer. New photos will be added to this randomizer first, and then rolled into the main randomizer as new photos come in.
Bill and Bianca
Brooklyn Bunny Live Bun Cam
Bumble, Chili, Poppy and Mama Beans
Bunnies Are Us
Bunny Garden,The
Bunny Hatton
Bunny Room, The
Buster, Jackson, and Muppet and Shuker
Buster's Blog
Buttons Kao
Cadbury & Crystal
Clementine, Berry & Farfel Foo Foo Bunny
Cleo and Chico (French)
Cloudy and Magic
Cody and Lily
Cortez Bunch
Cracotte (French)
Crapper and Company
Cucka Family Bunnies
Dana Krempels' Bunny Clan
Dena's Rabbit Rescue Page
Dennehy Bunnies, The

Rabbitry located in Cottonwood Arizona. We breed Holland Lop rabbits and Netherland Dwarf rabbits. Both make great pet's for adults and children alike. We have rabbit cages and bunnies for sale. Earl Grey and Rocky
Eve and Ben Michaud
Floppy Thompson
Freifrau Zosia
Who Should Get a Baby Rabbit? A baby rabbit is a good choice for a person who: has lots of time, a house that can stand to be chewed, and a stable residence expects accidents when baby forgets where the litter box is is patient and doesn’t scream on discovering the new shoes have been nibbled.
Hannah Brzezniak
Wild Bunnies
"Wild" by definition means "without human intervention". For this discussion, we'll call all wild bunnies "Cottons". First, Cottons do not make burrows. Second, Cottons are actually solitary animals. A female's range is around 7-9 acres while a male's range can be up to 100 acres. A momma Cotton will seek what is a safe place, in her estimation, to nest. She cannot allow for human eventualities, but she does the best she can.

A Cotton will not begin a nest until a day or two before birth - again, to avoid detection, even by others of her species. She's concerned both about predators to her (and her kits) and male Cottons. Adult males will kill newborns in an effort to reduce future competition for does.
Hrdina Bunnies, The
Iris, Ziggy, Pooka and Fred
Izzy Parsons
Jessica the Germanic
Jewel, Feather and Austin Pratt
Jingle and Trixie
Kitty Ferell

Lilly & Loveday
Get Secrets About Rabbits
You Can't Find
Anywhere Else
On The Internet!

Dear Friend:
If you'd like to learn how to get rabbits to really trust and love you, if you'd like to learn secrets about rabbits that can DOUBLE your pet rabbits life, if you'd like to learn how to keep pet rabbits smelling fresh & clean, ...

Mallory's Bunnies
Marvin and Pebbles from Germany
Miriam's Bunnies  Great Site
Mittens Bonanno
"Rabbits and Rainbows by Andrea" The vehicle for the artistic expressions of Andrea Frost Distinctive Dichroic Glass Jewelry and Decorative Arts Andrea loves to work with the beautiful and sparkling colors of dichroic glass to create works of art that are both beautiful to wear, and wonderful to display in your home. All jewelry and tiles are one-of-a-kind and contain bold and beautiful color combinations.
Mr. Peepers
Murphy Family Rabbits, The
Navarro Bunnies, The
NC Bunny


Rabbitry located in New Jersey. Also raises Mini Rex, Flemish Giant and Mini Lop rabbits for pet, show and 4-H.
Nino and Turbo
Obie Krempels
Patricia, Buttons and Sam
3 Bunnies Rabbit Rescue Shelter animals euthanized since January 1, 2001:
Piggy Lee
Pixie's Bunny Hutch
Popcorn Barnett
Powell Bunny Family, The
Puff and Sprout Denman
Rain the Mysterious
Red's Rabbit Ranch
Rodney Rabbit
Rhonda's Rabbit Fun Town Names and Friends
Scwooey Wabbit Fryer
Simon and Murphy
Snugglebunnies, The
Speedy und Co (German)
Sunshine and Willow Warren
Susan's Menagerie
Tasselhoff Burrfoot
Totti (in German)
Valentine, Zippy, Lilly, and Penelope
Wascal Bunny
Winston and Flash Wong
Wolf the Gentle

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Pet rabbits are fun and I love them. After all my years of raising pet rabbits, I still find the New Zealand rabbit breed to be the best at producing meat. Enjoy your baby bunny rabbits.


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