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Silver Fox Pet Rabbits
9 to 12 lbs
Jet black with silvering.



Silver Fox are a gentle breed and have been dubbed the Teddy Bear of the commercial type.
A fine selection for meat, show and pet rabbit.

The breed was near extinction for many years with very few fanciers keeping them, nor was there a specialty club to call their own. On August 31, 1971 the National Silver Fox Rabbit Club was issued a charter by the ARBA and included 18 dedicated fanciers of the breed.

The Silver Fox rabbit is an outstanding dual purpose breed for - Food, Fancy and Fur. A large animal with Senior Bucks weighing in at 9 to 11 pounds and does at 10 to 12 pounds. The does are excellent mothers, produce plenty of milk and are known for their large litters. The fryers make market weight quickly and have the unique ability of a very high dress-out percentage of meat (65%). The two important features are [its] unusual long fur and evenly silvered coat. The coat is longer than normal commercial rabbit fur, with slightly coarse texture that should resemble the pelt of a fox. Silver tipped or white hairs will be present along the flanks and all over the body including head, feet and tail. The black color should run deep to the skin with a slate under color. The most unusual quality of the fur is that when it is slowly stroked backwards from the tail to the head, the fur "stands up," and it requires another stroke from the head to the tail to return it back in place. Silver Fox rabbits are "Gently Giants", love attention and are easily posed. Big and blocky, it is hard to keep your hands off them. They seem to adapt to any climate and sudden changes in temperature does not appear to bother them. They are easy to handle and they like attention.
Currently the Black Silver Fox is the only recognized color within the breed as the ARBA dropped the Blue variety some years back due to the lack of interest, however the Blue Silver Fox is making a steady comeback and are being presented to the ARBA Standards Committee for acceptance.

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Pet rabbits are fun and I love them. After all my years of raising pet rabbits, I still find the New Zealand rabbit breed to be the best at producing meat. Enjoy your baby bunny rabbits.


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