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New Zealand Pet Rabbits
9 to 12 lbs
Black, red, and mostly pure white rabbits. Long muscular body.


Snowflake on the Lawn at 4 months of age.

The New Zealand is a wonderful rabbit and makes a great beginner bunny. They are quite social and outgoing, and enjoy being part of the family. They like everybody and most household pets, and they are not biters.

One of their greatest features is that they usually love to be handled. Pick them up, set them down, or hold them in your lap! They are often likened to "big rag dolls" because they flop down kind of like a rag doll, accommodating any cuddly manner in which you wish to hold them. They can even be carried across your shoulder!

The New Zealand rabbit was first a red variety and became known in the United States about 1912. It is thought to be a cross between a Belgian Hare and a white rabbit. The white variety came about from cross breeding among several breeds such as the Flemish, American Whites, and Angoras. A black variety was also developed from various crossings which include the Giant Chinchilla.

Historically thought of as a utility or working rabbit, the New Zealand meat rabbit has been selected for hundreds and hundreds of meat rabbit breeders. This is because they have good outgoing personalities and are easy to work with. They don't tend to bite or struggle and they don't get sick or have health problems nearly as often as other breeds.

A medium sized rabbit, the New Zealand adult will get up to 11 pounds.

Color differences:
As you can see in the picture above, the New Zealand rabbits are generally pure white fur rabbits with red eyes and pinkish coloring in their ears, but they can also be brick red or black fur color.

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Pet rabbits are fun and I love them. After all my years of raising pet rabbits, I still find the New Zealand rabbit breed to be the best at producing meat. Enjoy your baby bunny rabbits.


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