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French Lop Pet Rabbits Stats

General Information

Lifespan On average for the French Lop rabbit can be up to 5 years or more.

Breeding French Lop Pet Rabbits - The ideal age for the female French Lop rabbit to start breeding is 9 months of age. The first litter should be born before the female is one year old. The reason for this is that after this age the pelvic bones could fuse and she would not be able to give birth naturally. They should have no more litters after the age of three years.

Average Litter Size - The French Lop rabbit can produce large litters, usually between 5-12 kids.
Gestation Period - The gestation period is between 28-34 days. On average they give birth at 30-32 days.

General Physical Description - This is the giant of the Lop breeds. These rabbits are very heavy and stocky with wide bold heads. Their ears are very large and long. In comparison they are considerably shorter than those of the English Lop.

French Lop Pet Rabbits Size - They weigh at least 12 pounds.
Feeding A well-balanced dry rabbit mix will contain all the necessary nutritional requirements that a these pet rabbits need. They can live healthy lives on a diet of the dry mix and some dry grass hay. They do not need to be fed fresh fruit and vegetables. Rabbits have quite delicate stomachs, so if you do feed these make sure they are limited as too much can cause diarrhea. For feeding, it's best to use a large commercial metal feeder. A water bottle fixed to the outside of the cage, with the water tube going into the cage, ensures a fresh water supply is available.

Cage & Bedding - For an outdoor rabbit the ideal home is a wooden hutch made of a heavy wood with a waterproof roof, and raised off the ground. Make sure the entire bottom of the cage has very little wood where cleaning will become a problem. If the rabbit is going to live indoors then a wooden hutch can also be used or a all metal cage is also fine. The cage would have a wire base with a wire lid fixed to the base. All rabbits must have an adequate exercise area. Give them as large of cage as possible. Wood shavings should be used for the floor of the hutch or cage. Fine sawdust can cause eye irritations so this should be avoided. Avoid using smelly wood shavings like pine or cedar. Bedding material should be provided especially in cold and wet weather for the outdoor rabbit. The best thing to use is straw on top of a layer of the wood shavings in the sleeping compartment. The rabbit's home should be cleaned out weekly and any old food removed. If it is necessary to wash the home then only use a cleaner specifically designed for cleaning rabbit hutches.

Characteristics of the French Lop Pet Rabbits
Suitability For Children - The French Lop rabbit is okay for children but it has to be remembered that they will grow to be quite large.
Character & Temperament are normally good. While many of this breed are good-natured and friendly, there is some occurrence of bad tempers.

Sleeping Habits for these big Rabbits - They are most active in the morning and at night; they generally sleep during the day.

Toys & Exercise - If you can an outside play area is great. You will need proper fenceing to keep dogs and other animals away from your rabbits. Rabbits need things to climb on, crawl through, dig and chew. It is possible to provide plenty to entertain this rabbit with using household items. Several boxes can be put together with holes in them so the rabbit can go from box to box. Ramps can also be put against the boxes so the rabbit can climb up; they like to have a lookout post.

Types of Coat - Their coats are dense and soft.

Color - The French Lop comes in a variety of colors including natural or wild color, black, broken marked, chinchilla, gray, and sooty-fawn.

Rabbit Intelligence - Pet Rabbits can become trained to learn their name. They are more intelligent than guinea pigs and hamsters. They will certainly get to recognize you and the sounds you make. It is good to make the same sound each time you come near them. I like to whistle to mine each time they see me.

Show Characteristics - The French Lop pet rabbit is a large rabbit and should be heavy in bone. The body should be broad, deep and well muscled. The head should be wide having good width between the eyes. The ears are long, thick, wide and measure between 11to 15 inches long (measured from the tip of one ear to the tip of the other ear).

Country of Origin for these large and gentle pet rabbits is - France.

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Pet rabbits are fun and I love them. After all my years of raising pet rabbits, I still find the New Zealand rabbit breed to be the best at producing meat. Enjoy your baby bunny rabbits.


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