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Dual Purpose Pet Rabbits

What are the best breeds for both meat and pet rabbits?
Answer - These below are the best breeds for dual purpose pet rabbits.

For meat purposes, rabbits are divided into categories, just like with chicken. "Fryers" would be rabbits not over 12 weeks of age and weighing an average of 4.5 - 5 lbs. Over 12 weeks but under 6 months would be a "roaster," while 6 months and over would be a "stewer." The older the rabbit, the tougher the meat.

In general any of these breeds of pet rabbits could have good proportions. Look for larger meat per proportions across the back and a larger hind end.

All the breeds below are the ones that put on meat at younger ages and therefore make better meat rabbits.

Looking for rabbits for sale? Check out: Rabbit Breeders - Bunnies for Sale

Californian 10 to 12 lbs Excellent Choice
Cinnamon 9 to 11 lbs Excellent Choice
American Chinchilla 9 to 11 lbs Excellent Choice
Creme d'Argent 9 to 11 lbs Excellent Choice
French Lop 11 to 16 lbs Excellent Choice
Hotot 9 to 11 lbs Excellent Choice
New Zealand 9 to 12 lbs Excellent Choice
Palomino 9 to 12 lbs Excellent Choice
Rex 6 to 9 lbs Medium Choice
May have feet problems
American Sable 6 to 9 lbs Excellent Choice
Satin 9 to 11 lbs Excellent Choice
Silver Fox 9 to 11 lbs Excellent Choice
Harlequin 7 to 9 lbs Excellent Choice
Silver Marten 6 to 9 lbs Excellent Choice
And the # 1 Best rabbit for both pet rabbit and meat?
Answer - Mix Breeds.

Color is important - Choose colors that you will enjoy and be proud of.
Meat is important - Choose pet rabbits with good meat proportions.

Conclusion - Any combination of the breeds above will be perfect. Always look for good traits such as larger litters, good eyes, good feet, good health, and good meat proportions.

Go ahead and mix them any way you like and make your own great new dual purpose breed of pet rabbit.

Raising Pet rabbits is a wholesome, fun activity for the entire family. Pet Rabbits are fun to raise except when you have to go out and take care of them at 10 below zero. Considering this is the exception rather than the rule, we'll assume that, generally speaking, they are fun to raise. You may have different reasons for raising them - enjoyment, education, business, show, laboratory, meat, fur, and the by-products they help produce, such as fertilizer and fishing worms.

And the best reason of all to raise pet rabbits is for their meat. They are high in protein, low in fat, and easy to digest. My kids were raised on rabbit meat and look at them hop around now.

Don't expect to make a profitable business raising pet rabbits. Only a small minority of those who raise pet rabbits are capable of making a living out of it. Consider it, rather, an enjoyable hobby that can help pay for itself. Raising pet rabbits gets in your blood. Once you've had some good rabbits, you want to keep them around. I found that when I was raising too many and didn't have enough markets, the rabbits were eating me out of house and home. And so I got rid of them -- for a while. I then took up the hobby again because I found it was in my blood to raise pet rabbits. Now I take great pride in producing baby bunnies that will make perfect baby bunny pictures. Soon I'll be even taking moving movie pictures of all my pet rabbits. No kidding, its only baby bunny pictures that make the whole world go round.

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Pet rabbits are fun and I love them. After all my years of raising pet rabbits, I still find the New Zealand rabbit breed to be the best at producing meat. Enjoy your baby bunny rabbits.

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